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Extracurricular Activities
(Requires additional fees for children to participate)

Soccer Shots is a leader in youth soccer development.  Our nationally recognized program offers a high energy, fun,  age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer.  Our innovative curriculum emphasizes both soccer skills  and character development.  Our goal is simple:  To leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve.  Soccer Shots  was highlighted on the front page of the January 2013 editions of the Cupertino Courier and Sunnyvale Sun.


The goal of YangYang Academy of Music is to lay a solid foundation in music and liberal arts by cultivating children's artistic accomplishment, confidence and self-expression. The academy offers our children a variety of art classes and stage performance training throughout the week.


Classes take place for 30 minutes each week. The Academy’s curriculum revolves around the stories of the great ballets. Preschool students learn basic ballet skills and muscle awareness as a foundation for social grace and self-awareness. Etiquette is included as a natural part of each lesson helping to instill poise and self-confidence in each lesson. 


Tuff Tumblers, Inc. is a noncompetitive gymnastic and recreation program that provides your child with a safe and healthy  environment and improves your child's motor skills, coordination and self-confidence!

Children have fun and are challenged while using a variety of equipment, including ladders, tunnels, balance beams and the  "earthball".  They learn sport skills ranging from basketball to soccer and learn gymnastics stunts, including handstands,  cartwheels, straddlerolls, somersaults and much more!

Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors are specifically trained in how to make the Tuff Tumblers' Spirit come alive!  Every week we offer a new lesson plan full of age-appropriate experiences for your child.  Each class includes warm-ups with  music, exercises, tumbling, games and challenging experiences all on our colorful equipment.  At the end of each session, your  child receives an achievement certificate and you receive a newsletter, which informs you what your child has learned in class.