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Extracurricular Activities

Our action-packed curriculum is endorsed by Early Childhood Expert, Bonnie Bruce who reviews each element of our program to ensure our Amazing Athletes get every possible advantage. And our programs show kids just how much fun fitness can be! During our 30-35 minute weekly classes, children learn the importance of patience, teamwork, and self-confidence in a non-competitive, learning-based environment that fosters a love of healthy living. Their excitement for structured physical activity promotes advancements and advantages that keep children on the path to personal well-being.

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Tuff Tumblers, Inc. is a noncompetitive gymnastic and recreation program that provides your child with a safe and healthy  environment and improves your child's motor skills, coordination and self-confidence!

Children have fun and are challenged while using a variety of equipment, including ladders, tunnels, balance beams and the  "earthball".  They learn sport skills ranging from basketball to soccer and learn gymnastics stunts, including handstands,  cartwheels, straddlerolls, somersaults and much more!

Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors are specifically trained in how to make the Tuff Tumblers' Spirit come alive!  Every week we offer a new lesson plan full of age-appropriate experiences for your child.  Each class includes warm-ups with  music, exercises, tumbling, games and challenging experiences all on our colorful equipment.  At the end of each session, your  child receives an achievement certificate and you receive a newsletter, which informs you what your child has learned in class.

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